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Welcome to the homepage of the LIFE Climate Foundation Liechtenstein.

LIFE started as an initiative with a focus on market based climate protection measures. In 2009, the initiative was converted into a non-profit foundation according to Liechtenstein law under the name LIFE Climate Foundation. The Foundation promotes a sustainable and credible advancement of climate and environmental protection through an effective inclusion of financial intermediaries and the general public.
Swisscleantech Magazine published - Focus on Liechtenstein
The new magazine of Zurich-based Swisscleantech Association has recently been published. The current issue also puts a focus on Liechtenstein. Covered are the new strategy of Liechtenstein's Financial centre as well as the countries growing engagement within the field of responsible investing. The magazine will be distributed through several Swiss Business habs and the Swiss chamber of foreign trades all over the world. The next edition of Swisscleantech Magazine will be released in January 2011.   


Joint Event: LIFE and The Club of Rome – Preparing for the Future - The Role of Finance

Joint Event: LIFE  and The Club of Rome – Preparing for the Future - The Role of Finance
During the Seminar “Preparing for the Future – the Role of Finance” on October 27th at the University of Liechtenstein members of the Club of Rome as well as numerous representatives from Liechtenstein’s financial centre discussed potential scenarios for a sustainable development of future global financial markets. From the left: Patrick Liedke (The Risk Institute, Geneva), Franz Josef Rademacher (Initiator Global Marshall Plan), Andreas Fischlin (Co-Author of IPCC’s 4th Assessment Report) and Ian Johnson (Secretary General of The Club of Rome).

CSSP: New Book published “Microfinance - a new type of investment for socially oriented clients
Approaches and investment strategies that are committed to sustainability have been steadily growing in importance. They are finding increasing interest with institutional investors as well as with private investors. The topic of microfinance as a financial investment in particular has experienced a real boom in recent years. The origins of microfinance lie amongst other things in a philanthropic movement whose aim was to provide credit aid to economically active people in poverty. Over the years, the start volume grew very rapidly and produced a new market segment which allowed micro-enterprises official access to financial services.

Liechtenstein puts its focus on values
Klaus Tschütscher seeks to place Liechtenstein’s financial market into a new context. In the future Liechtenstein’s financial market should be associated with responsible investing and sustainable development. “Ecological values and economic gains are not contradictory, the opposite is true” said Liechtenstein’s prime minister within his opening speech mid September at the Liechtenstein Congress on Sustainable Development and Responsible Investing” at the University of Liechtenstein.

Hot Energy from 4000m Depht
Thanks to the use of geothermal energy Liechtenstein might soon lower its dependance from fossil fuel delivered from abroad. The results of a first exploration in January 2010 are promising.

Liechtenstein and Switzerland abolish VAT on Carbon Credits
Liechtenstein and Switzerland have abolished Value Added Tax (VAT) on carbon credits. The abolition became effective on July 1st 2010. The competent tax authorities have changed a previous practice which qualified the sales of carbon credits as a taxable issue. “This change of practice ensures that carbon trading is no longer vulnerable to so called VAT carrousel fraud”, explained Prime Minister Klaus Tschütscher.

LIFE Climate Foundation Liechtenstein: Successful first year
 The Foundation Board of the charitable LIFE Climate Foundation Liechtensteinhas approved the Annual Report 2009. The Foundation was able to take significant initiatives in the first year of its existence. "The Climate Foundation's activities clear the path today for the business fields of tomorrow. The Climate Foundation thereby makes a valuable contribution to the development of the Liechtenstein financial and business location," said Simon Tribelhorn, Executive Director of the Climate Foundation, at the presentation of the Annual Report.


Successful LIFE Event – Copenhagen, what’s next – Visions for our Future

Successful LIFE Event – Copenhagen, what’s next – Visions for our Future
The third LIFE event took place on May 10th and was dedicated to the consequences and lessons learned from the Copenhagen Summit last December. The notable guests discussed various approaches on how to get back on the green track after the failed Copenhagen Summit: Steffen Klatt ( Peter Cavada (Hilti AG), Daniel Kerbach (LGT), Felix Näscher (Head of Liechtenstein UN Delegation), Klaus Tschütscher (Prime Minister), Renat Heuberger, Partner South Pole Carbon), Nick Beglinger (President swisscleantech) and Adolf E. Real (Liechtenstein Bankers Association).

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