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Steam pipeline

Beginning the middle of 2009, several industrial companies, including the two largest energy users in the country, were provided with process steam from an incinerator plant in Buchs, Switzerland. With the steam, oil and natural gas can be substituted in industrial processes. Thus 125 tonnes of steam are projected to be delivered to the largest recipients in Liechtenstein. This translates to nearly 10 million litres of saved heating oil. With the utilisation of this environmentally friendly energy, CO2 emissions will be reduced by 20,000 tonnes per year.
Incineration plant Buchs with a view
toward a chain of mountain in
The connection of the steam
pipeline at the Herber Ospelt
The groundbreaking ceremony for the steam pipeline took place on 12 March 2008. The 132-metre long “Energy Bridge” over the Rhine River displays the visible portion of the otherwise underground steam pipeline from Buchs (CH) to Schaan (FL) and Bendern (FL). With exception to the Rhine crossing, the 5.2 km long pipeline lies in a cement canal in the ground. The project was realised by the Association for Waste Disposal and by private investors.
Dedication of the “Energy Bridge” in April 2009
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