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The Institute for Architecture and Planning at the University of Liechtenstein offers a concrete climate, energy, and environmentally relevant education with the Urban Sustainability, Climate and Planning Education (short UrbanSCAPE) programme. It provides an in-depth, English language Master’s level programme, anchored with the goal of climate protection and energy autonomy in space planning.

This semester, the programme is focused on a solar/renewable reconstruction strategy for the Middle East in cooperation with the Institute of Global Leadership at Tufts University in Boston, Massachusetts.
In the framework of the programme’s implementation, UrbanSCAPE can draw on an international network (Lake Constance-Alpine Rhine Valley energy region, World Council for Renewable Energy, Urban Climate Change Research Network, World Future Council, UN Habitat Global Research Network on Sustainability in Human Settlements).
More information about UrbanSCAPE can be found under

Responsible Property Development (RPD)

Furthermore, the Institute of Architecture and Space Planning started an annual symposium initiative ( The initiative engages itself with the development of sustainable real estate, whereby a special focus is on climate and energy concerns. A respective seminar will be offered Summer Semester 2010 in cooperation with the Institute for Financial Services.
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