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Deep geothermal power utilises the Earth’s heat in deep layers of earth. Layers of rock with hot water or hot, dry stones serve as an energy source. Globally deep geothermal energy offers a huge energy potential, which is available independent of weather and climate conditions.

In addition to the direct utilisation of heat for heating purposes, the production of electricity is also possible at a given temperature. An installation that produces heat and electricity, a so-called geothermal energy plant, has been in operation in Unterhaching (Bavaria) since 2008. This plant uses roughly 130-degree hot water from a depth of 3,300 meters for heating purposes and electricity production.

Whether and to what extent the utilisation of deep geothermal energy in Liechtenstein is possible - due to its geological conditions - and what realisation possibilities are considerable is currently being clarified in the framework of a project. For this reason, the Government, through the cooperation of several external experts, initiated the first research at the end of 2007.
Erdwärme    The focus of the research lies in so-called hydrothermal geothermal energy. In order to utilise the saved energy in the Earth’s crust, rock layers with hot water (aquifers) are tapped. The thermal water is pumped to the surface. Depending on its temperature, electricity can also be obtained in addition to heat. The water cooled through utilisation is then pumped back into the ground. Whether and to what extent the deep underground of Liechtenstein possesses these geological requirements is the purpose of current research.
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