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In Europe, the energy obtained from hydropower spans over a 100-year history. This fact is reflected in the number of European hydropower plants. At present, approximately two-thirds of all small hydropower plants are more than 40 years old and almost half of them are more than 60 years old. For decades, hydropower has been technically mature; installations from the 1920s are still virtually unchanged in their operation.
Hydropower in Liechtenstein already has a long history. As a portion of the domestic electricity production, it is considered today to be the most important energy source in the country. In 2007, hydropower plants combined produced 68,000 MWh of electricity.
LKW plans to expand the potential of Liechtenstein’s hydropower through the expansion of the largest plant “Samina”; 63,000 MWh of electricity were produced here, together with the hydropower plant “Lawena”, in 2007.
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