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When the utilisation of solar energy is mentioned, it usually refers to two technologies: photovoltaics and solar thermal.

With photovoltaics, solar collectors are not used but rather solar cells.

Electricity is produced rather than heat. This occurs when photons from the sun transfer their energy to the electrons in the solar cell, generating electricity. An optimally installed installation of 30 square metres generates enough electricity in Liechtenstein, on average, for the annual usage of a three-person household.

Thus, in addition to private households, more and more companies and organisations are utilising this environmentally friendly electricity.

With respect to the development of renewable energy, the Liechtenstein Solar Consortium, which operates four installations, should be mentioned. In 2007, 83 MWh of electricity was fed by it into Liechtenstein’s electrical grid.
Bendern    Photovoltaic installation of the Consortium Rhine River bridge Bendern
The Liechtenstein Power Company (LKW) has recently made considerable investments, in order to generate electricity from the sun. Thus, in January 2006, the largest solar power array in Liechtenstein, with an average annual production of 60 MWh, was built in Nendeln, with the cooperation of Hilti AG.
Nendeln   Solar power array Nendeln
In 2006, LKW, in cooperation with the town of Mauren, also erected a solar power array in Mauren, with an average annual production of 16 MWh.
   Solar power array Mauren                                                         
In 2007, the produced electricity from photovoltaics delivered 305 MWh. According to estimates from LKW, this amount will increase over 70% by the year 2012. 
     Solar power array Malbun                                                          
In contrast to photovoltaics, solar thermal deals directly with generating heat. Using a solar collector, the energy of the sun is used, for example, to heat a boiler with water.
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